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Action Ecology draws on the latest science and best-practice from around the world to offer a set of bespoke advisory services for land owners looking to improve: productivity, resource efficiency, resilience and ecological function.

What we're about
Action Ecology is a New Zealand based firm providing agroecological design and management services that support regenerative land use.
As systems specialists, our approach is necessarily holistic. This means at any given time we may find ourselves working across diverse areas such as site assessment, agroforestry system design, water management for erosion control & drought resilience, native vegetation planning for biodiversity outcomes and the development of stacked farm enterprise models - in addition to providing advice and support to people wanting to transition to regenerative grazing and diverse land-use operations. We also help people evaluate long-term sustainability, analyse risk and identify opportunities when acquiring new land or planning new regenerative ventures.
Overall, our aim is to connect people with the right knowledge - helping them improve landscape function, ecological health and long term resilience. This (ultimately) helps all of us build a better, fairer, healthier and more sustainable food system.
We draw upon a suite of different methodologies, strategies and techniques that are proven effective on the ground - informed by the latest scientific research across a range of disciplines, and innovation in the field - pioneered by recognised leaders from all around the world. By drawing together the science and best-practice we provide our clients with the insight and access to knowledge they need to feel supported and empowered to achieve their long term goals in a way that is strategic, incremental and pragmatic.
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We aren't about quick-fixes or band-aid solutions, we work with people to look at the reality of their landscape and help them understand and work with the ecosystem processes that are taking place. Where there are existing issues to overcome, our focus is not about treating symptoms, or simply 'solving problems' as they appear, but rather addressing root causes. By doing this we can help our clients plan for permanence while improving the health, resilience and productivity of their system (in the most cost and resource-efficient way possible) while minimising their impact on the environment - so they can pass their land on in better health than they found it..

We sell no 'products', and endorse no 'one way' to achieve all goals. We don't believe there is any single 'recipe' or 'one size fits all' approach, recognising that every landscape and client context is completely unique, so work to makes sure that every engagement is customised and appropriate to that individual situation.
At the core of what we do is the belief that through a better appreciation of natural ecological processes - and deeper understanding of what is really going on in our landscapes - we can dramatically improve our ability to work with (rather than against) nature. Through partnering with this powerful ally we are provided with an opportunity to improve natural biological productivity and increase resilience while at the same time reducing waste, effort and cost (to both our livelihoods and of course the environment - upon which ultimately those livelihoods depend).
The healthier and more resilient to weather extremes our landscapes become, the better our productivity is, the less energy and resources we need to use - and the more money and time we have to spend on life, family and the things that really matter.
If you would like to know more about what we do and how we approach our work, then explore this website and please feel free to get in contact with us - we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Action Ecology is based in the North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand, but are always happy to work with clients across the globe.