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Interview series on the "Ari in the Air" podcast

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Interview series with Shane Ward on the "Ari in the Air" podcast

A little while ago I was invited by Ari Delashmutt, a professional highliner, skier, paraglider and an enthusiastic adventurer, to join him for a chat on his podcast 'Ari in the Air', after he saw me in the feature documentary film "Living the Change".

Having never met Ari before I wasn't sure what to expect, but it turned out to be a very relaxed, casual and very amusing chat about big ideas that ranged across a wide spectrum of topics - from permaculture, sustainable living, world crises, economics, psychology, human nature, politics, economics, climate, science, the food system, agriculture and ecosystems - so check it out!

You can listen to Part One directly below, or via Apple Podcasts.

That went down well enough that Ari was keen to follow up and keep talking - so we arranged another time a few weeks later and the second conversation can be heard in Part Two, which again you can listen to directly below, or via Apple Podcasts.

Both interviews were informal, casual chats that tackle some big issues and ideas, and Ari is great fun to talk to - and always ready to engage with the big 'what if?' questions.
So if you too like that kind of thing, you should enjoy these interviews.