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Article: "Can we avert global collapse? Only if we change the story"

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Can we avert global collapse? Only if we change the story.

An article from Shane Ward published on Medium.

The mindset shift inherent in the transition to Regenerative Agriculture gives us a perfect example of the powerful new story we need for what it means to be a human on this planet in peril — not only to save our civilisation but also chart a path beyond — towards something prosperous, equitable and permanent. Through repositioning ourselves in relation to the natural world and recognising the fundamental reality of planetary limits that underpin human existence, we can become caretakers of a planet that can support life (specifically ours), forever.

We don’t need weapons or spaceships to wage a war on the threat we face. We need something much more powerful, a good story.

Stories are the way that our species, as social animals, has evolved to make sense of the world around us, and our place within it. Due to this hard-wired attribute, the stories we tell ourselves, and each other, have genuine power over the way we frame or perceive an ever-changing reality, shaping our identity and our dreams of the future.
Over the course of history, the stories we’ve told have had major consequences for where we have settled, as well as how we have chosen to live and treat each other. They are the source material for inspiring great dreams, deeds and achievements as well as inflicting great suffering. The line between comedy and tragedy, triumph and defeat often depends on which story you’re a part of and where you stand within it. Given that humanity must now address the greatest challenge it has ever faced, we need to ask ourselves ‘what story are we in?’, ‘is it the right one?’, and whether it’s helping or hindering us from taking the necessary action to secure a long term future for our species.

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