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Interview on the "How to Save the World" Podcast

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Interview with Shane Ward on the "How to Save the World" podcast

I was recently pleased to spend a moment chatting with Waveney and Tim for their podcast : "How to Save the World".

We discussed the Better Futures Forum - www.bff.org.nz - and Regenerative Agriculture, particularly in the New Zealand context.

It was a fun conversation and it was nice to catch to again with Waveney, who I first met (virtually) when appearing in the feature documentary film "Living the Change" together in 2008.

It's lively and upbeat chat, so check it out!

You can play it by either: clicking the 'play' button below / visiting their web page / or on Apple Podcasts.


We chat to Shane Ward about the recently launched
Better Futures Forum (BFF)
the hot new platform where New Zealanders are meeting to facilitate the transition towards a more resilient Aotearoa.  BFF is seizing the transformational power of COVID-19.  In just three weeks since it launched, the organization, co-founded by Dr Mike Joy, has received tremendous support with a groundswell of people joining them. They have a focus on six key areas: Land and Water; Infrastructure; Transport; Building and Housing; Energy; and Economy, and are encouraging any interested New Zealanders to join them.
We also chat to Shane  (international regenerative-agriculture design-consultant, speaker, teacher, writer and founder of Action Ecology) about his vision for NZ's future and get him to explain the powerful impact of regenerative agriculture.
Hear more from Dr Mike Joy  in a previous How To Save the World episode ‘Saving Our Waterways with Dr Mike Joy.
Thanks to Auckland Council and Live Lightly for supporting this podcast!