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Audio Interview : Living Systems with Shane Ward

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These audio clips are the five parts / responses I gave during my interview with Dan Regtien from LivingSystems.nz as part of their regenerative thinkers series.

Part One (6 min 35 secs)

"Tell us a little about yourself. What do you / Action Ecology do? What what does that look like?"

"Connecting people with knowledge". In this section I go into a little more depth around the nature of my work, how I approach it, and the central themes that run throughout it.

Part Two (14 min 49 secs)

"Tell us about your journey so far, and what has the road been like that has led you to where you are today?"

This is the first time that I've ever really spoken (or been asked) about my early career and the kinds of experiences, skills and realisations that has shaped and informed what I do today. The 'origin story' if you will. Realising that my work has always (in some way) been about 'knowing the story we are trying to tell and working out how to make that a reality'.

Part Three (2 min 31 secs)

"How important do you think is the past is in determining our future?"

In this part I talk about my unique perspective on the past vs the future (in general terms) as a non-traditionalist, forward looking person.

Part Four (5 min 09 secs)

"A 'tell me what this means to you' exercise where Dan shows me a card and I describe what sorts of thoughts and feelings it evokes"
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Here I express what this says to me: "Being human is a creative exercise in connection"

Part Five (21 mins 47 secs)

I discuss a range of topics and address a range of questions in this section, including:
"Is Regenerative Agriculture a 'fix' for climate change?"
"Why can't we just fix climate and preserve our world?"
"Why is it so hard to change things?"
..and many more.

Regenerative agriculture, climate breakdown, economics, globalisation, societal change, consumerism, how we fix problems and all manner of meaty topics get chewed here.