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Radio / Podcast interview on : "The Regenerative Hour"

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Interview on the radio show and podcast "The Regenerative Hour" produced by Mik Aidt from the Centre for Climate Safety - discussing a range of topics including; the climate crisis (and why it's worse than most people realise), systems thinking (and how to frame our response for effective action), the fundamental importance of land use, regenerative agriculture, how these are vital to mitigating climate breakdown and what kinds of action we can take as individuals if we really want to make a difference.

You can listen to the interview on the podcast web site here: https://climatesafety.info/theregenerativehour4/

Alternately you can download it directly using this link: https://climatesafety.info/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/TheRenerativeHour004_040kb.mp3


"A regenerative hour in the company of Shane Ward from Action Ecology – about the power of regenerating landscapes, sustainable food systems and how climate action requires us to stop thinking in silos, get in people’s faces and value the soil, and its ability to not only support ecosystems but also draw down carbon from the atmosphere.

“One of the main drivers of our climate and biodiversity crisis is land use, specifically agriculture. It is a key area people need to understand – this is really important for everybody,” explains Shane.

The music in the hour was selected by Shane: Puscifer’s ‘The Humbling River’ – and Tool’s ‘Right in Two’"