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NZ Public Presentation: "Climate, Food & Future"

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"Climate, Food & Future: Regenerative Agriculture and the Challenge of Change".

This seminar was delivered by Action Ecology Founder Shane Ward at Victoria University in Wellington (October 2019) to a diverse audience of academics, civil servants and the general public.

The presentation focused on the primary question of : "Can we overcome the crises that we face as a civilisation, and if so, then how - and what does that look like?" and in so doing, covered a variety of topics - looking at the scale of the crisis we face (across climate, biodiversity and land use), the root causes and (importantly) the mindset behind why we find ourselves in this situation.
Using the comparison of industrial vs regenerative agriculture to highlight this key point, he then goes on to examining the knowledge and expertise we already have for how we navigate our way out towards a better world.

[Unfortunately no live video was recorded on the day, but the audio was - and so that (along with the presentation slides) gets us pretty close].

Below you can see an example/overview of the presentation's structure and main themes.

Some of the answers offered might not be what you expect!
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