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We offer a suite of completely bespoke consultancy services covering assessment through to design and implementation - and everything in between - depending upon your needs, goals, timescale and budget. We operate as a one-stop-shop consultancy who are able to supplement our own expertise with specialists in a wide range of fields to accommodate projects of any scope or budget.


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Comprehensive design of regenerative, integrated, productive, mixed-use residential & agricultural systems.


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Biological soil consultancy services ranging from health checks to assessment, reporting and remediation of soil.


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Comprehensive irrigation and water management design, planning and strategies for drought & flood resilience.


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Restoration and bioremediation of degraded land, restoring ecological function and restoring productivity.
In addition to the services listed above we can also help with:

  • > Fertility : Low-cost, environmentally friendly biological nutrient and fertility management programmes
  • > Property assessment : Pre-purchase land assessments and suitability / design advice
  • > Agroforestry : Edible landscape design, food forestry and silvopasture systems at all scales
  • > Composting : Thermal composting, compost tea guidance and assessment as well as worm and BSF systems
  • > Problem solving : General consultancy on land & soil health issues, pest control, ecology, soil biology etc

The above list is not exhaustive and simply provides an example of the main kinds of services we offer.
If what you require isn't directly mentioned above, feel free to get in touch and we can quickly let you know if we'll be able to help, (and if not, maybe put you in touch with who can).

While currently working between Australia and New Zealand, we take clients from all over the globe - happy to lead and manage projects internationally.

Commercial & large scale

Whether you're a commercial enterprise, NGO or government organisation we provide services ranging from site assessment and feasibility through to project scoping, design and transition management - providing options and easy to follow guidance for lower input, cost effective and integrated land use approaches that are scalable and applicable to everything from agricultural systems to public spaces or ex-industrial/cleared sites. Our approach is scientifically robust, backed up with documented case studies and proven to reduce costs, increase productivity and restore ecological function, producing positive results both economically
and ecologically.

Private and smaller scale

We also offer services for private and residential clients looking to live and use their land more sustainably. Whether that is orcharding, homesteading, edible landscaping or small scale integrated and mixed use farming - we can help provide guidance, advice as well as simple and elegant property designs that offer resilience, low maintenance and ecologically healthy productivity. Even if you just want some tips on how to manage a healthy garden more efficiently for minimum input / maximum output we can help show you how to grow your produce in a more sustainable way. We happy to work with you no matter the budget or scale, and also enjoy volunteering our expertise to kindergartens, schools and non-profit organisations as well - so feel free to get in touch.

What our clients have said about us:

“Action Ecology conducted a comprehensive design consultation for us that exceeded our expectations every step of the way. Shane listened carefully and prepared a well thought through design that was specifically catered to what we needed. The final design was nothing short of excellent and I would happily recommend his services to others.” - Michelle